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About us

GLOBAL ASSISTANCE llc was founded on 15th  July 2022 as a joint venture of Vienna Insurance Group and Wiener Städtische osiguranje a.d.o.

who have years of dedicated work in providing assistance to their clients. That experience helped us to set clear professional criteria and high goals in providing quality and timely service within the newly founded company.

As a member of the VIG group, we operate on solid foundations using the vast experience of the Group, which is comprised of nearly 50 companies in 30 countries and over 22 million satisfied clients. Thanks to its eight assistant companies, VIG has excellent territorial coverage worldwide.

We want to boost the quality of our assistance services by expanding our network of insurance companies, banks, leasing companies, brokers and other legal entities and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your clients. We will strive to ensure that the users of our services are always satisfied. We will achieve this by providing a wide range of opportunities for cooperation, solutions adapted to our partners’ needs and the expectations of their clients, including special tailor-made programmes.

The services of the Global Assistance Call Centre are available 24/7/365. Our team of specialised coordinators is ready to respond to the requests of your clients promptly. Our aim is to ensure a quick and timely response, provide quality service through our network of partners and meet the needs of your clients.


We are dedicated to constant development of our team and  to recruit new members whose ambition is to engage in market development within the dynamic industry of insurance and assistance services.

A call centre is the heart of an assistant company – please contact us at karijera@globalassistance.rs whether you are experienced or want to train with us and work in the call centre.