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Home Emergency Cover

Asistencija Majstor u kući obezbeđuje pomoć stručnih i ovlašćenih lica tokom 24 sata, svakoga dana, 365 dana u godini

If a pipe suddenly bursts in the insured’s flat or house, or if a door key breaks in the lock, or if there is a sudden, unexpected failure in the home, this service provides the help of professional licensed repairmen 24/7/365.

Global Assistance will:

The following costs are covered:

  • plumber– repairing failed water supply and sanitation systems
  • joiner– repairing damaged or malfunctioning doors and windows caused by attempted or committed burglary
  • locksmith– enabling the insured to enter/exit their home after losing their keys, having their keys stolen or having their lock damaged
  • glazier– replacement of the broken glass on the external door or windows of the flat/house
  • builder and roofer
  • electrician– repairing failures of electrical installations, air conditioners and boilers as a result of a lightning strike, high voltage or short circuit
  • primary heating repair– eliminating issues with the heating system
  • cleaning, drying and disinfection– in the event of water spillage, sewer and other water flooding or penetration.

* The insured bears the costs of spare parts.

Supplemental insurance

Supplemental insurance covers organising and covering the costs of transport and temporary accommodation if the repair work cannot be carried out within 24 hours and the damage is such that the insured cannot stay in their home.

Instructions for the insured

Should you need emergency home repair, please call the Global Assistance Call Centre on +381 11 222 1 600. Please have the following information ready:

  • The insured’s name, surname and address, as stated in the insurance policy
  • The insurance policy number
  • The address of the insured flat or house
  • A brief description of the problem and the type of assistance needed

A specialist will come to your home and fix the problem or take other steps to make sure that the repair is done as soon as possible.

The Global Assistance Call Centre decides on the type and scope of assistance taking into consideration the circumstances of each individual case.

A maximum of three emergency cases are covered in a year.