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Medical Assistance

Medicinske usluge u zemlji, kako za stanovnike državljane Srbije tako i za strance u turističkoj poseti

Medicinska asistencija podrazumeva pomoć za slučaj potrebe za medicinskom uslugom u zemlji, za stanovnike državljane Republike Srbije i za strance koji su u turističkoj poseti

Šta sve usluga medicinske asistencije obuhvata

  • Identifying voluntary health insurance policyholders
  • Booking appointments with healthcare providers when it suits the insured (by telephone)
  • Organizing physical examinations at the insured’s request
  • Communicating with healthcare providers to ensure the best possible care and medical assistance for the insured
  • Helping the insured to find the best service for their individual needs
  • Forwarding referrals
  • Providing information on the available amount and/or insurance policy coverage
  • Providing information on healthcare providers: working hours, locations, etc.
  • Instructions regarding the usage of Health Card in line with the scope and type of insurance policy coverage
  • Providing information about the healthcare providers in our network: addresses, telephone numbers, working hours