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Roadside Assistance in Serbia and abroad

Pomoć u slučaju iznenadnog kvara vozila, saobraćajne nezgode i sličnih situacija u zemlji i Evropi

We provide 24/7 roadside assistance to your clients who cannot continue their journey due to a vehicle breakdown, damage, destruction, theft or traffic accident in Serbia and anywhere in Europe..

Šta sve obuhvata asistencija pomoći na putu

Roadside assistance includes:

  • Organizing help
  • Covering the cost of the insured’s accommodation
  • Covering the cost of vehicle repair in the event of a minor breakdown
  • Covering the cost of parking the vehicle (parking fees after the accident)
  • Covering the cost of journey continuation (transport to the place of residence (head office) or destination)
  • Covering the cost of renting a replacement vehicle

Contact us

Should any of the listed risks occur, the insured needs to contact

the Global Assistance Call Centre at +381 11 222 1 600.

A specialist will come to the accident scene and either repair the vehicle or take other measures to assist the insured.

When calling the Global Assistance Call Centre, the insured should give the following information:

  • The name, surname and address, as stated on the insurance policy
  • The insurance policy number, insurance start and expiration dates
  • The chassis number and registration number of the insured vehicle, as stated in the driving license
  • The place where the insured is located and the phone number as well as the address where the insured can be contacted
  • The number of the passengers in the insured vehicle
  • A brief description of the problem and the type of assistance that the insured or the passengers in the insured vehicle need