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Travel Assistance

Podrška u slučaju iznenadne bolesti ili nesrećnog slučaja tokom putovanja i boravka u inostranstvu

In the event of a sudden illness or accident while travelling and staying abroad, your client needs to contact the Global Assistance Call Centre. After verifying the validity of their insurance policy, our coordinator will give your client the necessary information and instructions, make an appointment with a healthcare provider from our network, arrange a doctor’s visit if necessary, contact the healthcare provider from whom your client has sought medical help, organise transport to a healthcare provider or the country of residence as per the instructions and recommendation of the attending physician (ambulance/aircraft, with medical escort).

Stupite u kontakt sa nama

As we have signed cooperation agreements with verified partners and healthcare providers, when they need it, we will provide your clients with appropriate assistance, be it an urgent medical examination, hospitalisation, repatriation to the country of residence, repatriation of the remains or providing them with the necessary information, legal assistance and advice.

To receive timely and professional help, your clients should contact our Call Centre at +381 11 222 1 600. The Call Centre is open 24/7/365.

To receive the most efficient assistance, before making the call your clients should prepare the following information:

  • Name, surname and personal ID number
  • The insurance policy number
  • Contact information
  • The city and address the insured is currently staying
  • The nature of the injury or illness and the required assistance